Running Wild: A Quest for Healing Across 7 Continents

Well, it’s been well over a year since I have last posted on trailstoked. For the past year I have been bouncing back and forth between America and Scotland, having lots of adventures both big and small. Many, I still have planned and am excited for the future. BUT- in the meantime, I have some exciting news for anyone who might have enjoyed the writing on my blog. I wrote a book! It was a long and sometimes frustrating process, but I am now incredibly proud to have a real life book in my hand.

This book details all of my adventures prior to the AT. For some reason, unlike social media, I feel the ability to be completely and brutally honest on this blog. After the Boston marathon Bombing, I was obviously not the same person, but I had no idea how severely the events of that day had impacted me until I got into some very dark places. I won’t spoil the book, but I made a radical life change, and immediately began traveling the world, aiming to run a marathon on every continent. This process was therapeutic and addictive. But it wasn’t so much the running as it was the people I met and life lessons learned along the way that truly transformed me as a person.

Right in the middle of these travels, when I truly began to feel better, Rachel killed herself. And as you may have guessed from reading this blog, that also caused quite a bit of pain and anguish. I continued to travel and explore the world but again my life had changed. Slowly I have begun to realize that you can never be the same person your whole life- it just doesn’t work that way. And no matter what I did or tried, I could never go back to being the old Bobby O’Donnell. Tragedy can define our lives but it doesn’t have to. We just have to consciously decide how we let it change us to make us become the person we would like to be.

I understand that I have really done a horrible job explaining to my friends and family where I had gone or what I was up to and why. For that I am sorry. But this was a journey I needed to take mostly on my own, and I hope that this book can explain all of that. So if you would like to buy it, the link is at the start of this post.

I hope everyone has a  very Merry Christmas, and as always, thank you for your love and support.

Handy Man

20th December 2019

Glenmore, Scotland


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Taking a long walk.

4 thoughts on “I WROTE A BOOK”

  1. Congratulations Bobby, I enjoyed following your blog and I’m looking forward to reading your book!! Your really an amazing man!! ❣️ Tricia Crawford


  2. Just ordered a few copies. Hope you’ll sign one for me. Can’t wait to read it! Congrats, and Merry Christmas! Proud of you, Bobby!


  3. Sharon and I just finished reading your book so Carrie can mail it off to Zippy. It was very inspiring even though I’m more like the person you described on page 183 😉
    PS. I heard Carrie mention a trip to Scotland in the fall….


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