Trailstoked back on Trail

I’ll be coming back to America in April… to hike the PCT! On April 11th I’ll start a northbound attempt at the Mexican border, hopefully making it all the way to Canada, some 2650 miles away, by August. Ever since my time on the AT, the idea of the PCT had been stuck in my head. The possibility of walking outside of a green tunnel on a trail that hardly sees any rain in California was unsurprisingly appealing to me. Not that I didn’t love the AT, it’s just sometimes its nice to be dry and have nice views!


This hike will be entirely different for me in that unlike completing the seven continents, or hiking the Appalachian Trail, I’m not doing it because I’m trying to work through something or overcome a problem in my life; I’m doing it for me and simply because it looks absolutely incredible. I fell in love with trail life in the summer of 2018 and I am beyond excited to put my life into a backpack again. Especially so because Lucy will be joining me for this hike. We both understand the difficulties and challenges of attempting a thru hike with a partner and are well equipped for it. We will be carrying all of our own gear and walking separately from each other most days, reconvening at night to camp and eat together. At the end of the day, is there really any better way to test a relationship by spending months upon months in the wilderness together? Ultimately, it will be very exciting to show her a part of America that holds beauty beyond words.

I’ll be looking forward to keeping everyone updated via this blog on our progress and will do something similar to the AT, posting every 10-14 days. Additionally, I will once again be carrying a GPS tracker so you will be able to keep tabs on our whereabouts each day!

I will be flying to America on April 3rd and then out to California on April 9th so if anyone is around in New England and wants to say hi before I go, send me a message (I have a new phone number so Facebook or email is best)! Hopefully you will enjoy following my hike again, I truly can’t describe how excited I am for it!



January 31, 2020



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Taking a long walk.

11 thoughts on “Trailstoked back on Trail”

  1. Crossing off the days until your return! Not sure about the PCT…….are you sure you don’t just want to hike Blue Hills – LOL. Looking forward to spending time with you when you get home. Love, Mom 🙂

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    1. Sharon and I hiked in the North Cascades in our younger days. They are beautiful! If you go into hiker withdrawal after finishing, hike Park Butte in Mt Baker and the valley of waterfalls in Olympic National Park while you are in that part of the world. And if you are ready for a little civilization after the Olympic, take the ferry from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria then onto the Pacific Rim shipwreck trail or even further north to secluded Long Beach and Tofino where you
      can kayak to Hot Springs Cove or take a float plane or boat if you haven’t depleted all your funds.


  2. Handyman, heard you came home a little early. Have you ever watched the movie, The Art of Travel? It is about the Darien Gap, a gap of 60 miles in Panama that separates North America from South America on the Pan American Highway. It is a good movie and reminds me of you. It is free on IDMB.

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    1. Hey! Yep came home early and unfortunately due to everything going on, am not hiking the PCT! My girlfriend and I have been staying in NH and hiking in the Whites quite a bit! I’m back to work as a paramedic! The Art of Travel sounds great, will be giving that a watch this week!


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